KoreTrak Smart Watch Announces New Fitness Tracker Features

KoreHealth just announced the latest updates about the KoreTrak watch, a smart fitness tracker for monitoring body activity levels for 24/7 heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels. Given the popularity of the newly launched KoreTrak watch, combined with its advanced features and fitness tracking functions, the latest consumer updates are worthy to share so users can be informed before making a decision on KoreHealth’s smart body activity wristband.

In regards to the latest KoreTrak updates, and it being voted the number one smart watch fitness tracker under one hundred dollars, Andrew Price of Marketing by Kevin says, “KoreTrak is a unique Fitness Tracking device, which also works as a smartwatch. From a quality build to the insightful monitoring feature options, it ticks almost all the boxes of big brand models that are three to five times more expensive. KoreTrak has emerged as the go to solution as the best fitness tracker under $100 in 2020 at an affordable rate.”

With fitness vitally important in everyone’s lifestyle, there’s a surge in people making the best use of fitness tracking devices as well due to the instant, real time access to how your body responds when staying active and getting in shape. Amidst a great noise of mediocre fitness bands on the market, different product smartwatch types are available to choose from, and can get overwhelming if not confusing just to find the optimal fitness tracker that does everything the Apple and FitBit watches do but for a fraction of the price tag.

Korehealth’s KoreTrak watch has sent shock waves to the competitors in the health and wellness industry. The product has garnered positive reviews and attention of the consumers with its all-inclusive, intuitive in-built features that provide exceptional biometric data feedback through a variety of desirable functionalities that no other smartwatch offers for under $100. KoreTrak has been strategically placed at a price range that makes it a more convenient and affordable purchase, allowing anyone to try a brand-new smart body fitness tracking activity band today.

Andrew, who helped research all of the facets of the KoreHealth and their flagship health product, the KoreTrak watch, also noted, “After reviewing its available monitoring functions and high-tech settings, the new KoreTrak fitness tracker smartwatch is emerging as one of the most reliable and multi-functional activity bands in the world of daily body activity tracking. It not only enables the user to monitor their activities in real-time but also offers full range features of fitness tracker and smartwatch.”

Let’s learn each aspect of KoreTrak in detail and review why KoreTrak smartwatch is ranked the number one fitness tracking activity band under $100 in 2020 by Advanced Living.

KoreTrak: The New Affordable Smart Body Activity Tracker

The new KoreTrak fitness tracker wristband has many ins and outs worthy of elaborating on so users get an optimal overview of why the affordable smart body activity watch is the right option for anyone looking to get in shape faster and stay on their wellness track longer.

Andrew added, “KoreTrak is a fitness tracker smartwatch that’s an investment for every person willing to live a healthy lifestyle. From 24/7 real time exercise recording to counting calories and steps, to optimizing sleep patterns to getting alerts about sitting to long, this smart band tracks every detail regarding your health that any industry leading activity band offers.”

The fitness band justifies its official opening description and emerges as a no-fuss smart tracker of 2020. It precisely and clearly records and displays the user’s insights and maintained insights of the user, required in achieving the fitness goals, staying on track, and improving overall well-being. According to the consumer health report that ranked KoreTrak the best fitness tracker under $100 in 2020, they added:

“KoreTrak fitness tracker has proven to be one of the most effective bands. Once you’ve worn the band, the device helps support you by tracking all your activities and recording them properly so individuals can optimize their routines and progress. One of the most marvelous features is that of customizable sedentary warning alerts, which will timely inform you to get up and move more frequently after a period of inactivity.”

Let’s breakdown why the KoreHealth KoreTrak smartwatch can deliver all of the goods of name brand fitness trackers for a third to a fifth of the price.

Why KoreTrak Ranks #1 Smart Fitness Tracker Under $100

The monitoring ability of the device is enhanced with its syncing capability. The smart body monitor effectively syncs up and connects with your phone to proffer advanced tracking metrics. For instance, KoreTrak leveraged the motion sensors and GPS on your mobile to track and analyze your fitness.

Once the sync up is complete, the users can easily track how many miles they walked, ran, or cycled.

All the above syncing is done following a few easy setup steps of just installing the app and creating an account on it. The KoreTrak app is user-friendly and is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones. The smart band has a unique feature of storing up to 7 days of data within it.

In short, it’s a sure shot buy if there was ever a time where major industry brands had the appeal but not the affordability attached to it.

Key Specifications of KoreTrak

  • Smartphone Connectivity: Android and iOS compatibility
  • Myriads of health metrics: Track your calorie burnt, heart rate, sleeping time and many more
  • Robust wireless connectivity: Get real-time call alerts, reminders, message notifications on hand
  • Mobile Locators: Once synced up, you can locate your device with it too
  • Amazing Battery life: KoreTrak offers a 380 mAH Li-ion battery
  • Bright and Appealing Screen: 1.3” display
  • IP 67 Rating makes it water-resistant
  • Smart call answering and volume control from wrist

Significant features of KoereTrack includes the following:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Fitness tracking wristband
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Tracks blood pressure, heart rate
  • Tracks blood oxygen in less than 10 seconds
  • Effective in locating your smartphone as well

Why consider purchasing KoreTrak?

Fitness is imperative, and so does keeping track of how you are performing on it. A fitness tracker is undoubtedly one device that can help you monitor and maintain a healthy course of activities on a daily basis. KoreTrak offers a range of features that would add on to your aim of achieving the state of wellness.

Here’s a list of factors that make KoreTrak a great choice as one of the best wearable technology activity bands to use at an attractive rate with advanced tracking and monitoring abilities:

Multiple Modern Features

The functionality of a fitness tracker acts as a decisive factor to comment on its reliability and worthiness. With an array of features, KoreTrak arises as a reliable choice for any fitness enthusiast. It serves you with a powerful pack of features including health tracking, fitness tracking, staying connected, and much more.

Ease of Usability

Wearing, using, and accessing KoreTrak is very easy. KoreTrak offers all the required metrics in a simple 1.3” display screen. Moreover, a simple touch-based screen makes the user experience more intuitive and simple. A quick glance at the band will help you check your vitals such as the number of steps, calories burned, heart rate, and much more.

Setting Up Fitness Goals

Easy like a piece of cake. You’re wearing a fitness band to be fit and live a healthy life. To do so, you’re bound to set fitness goals. KoreTrak with its super simple interface helps its users to set realistic goals and change them as or when needed. These goals can be set by every user as per their convenience. KoreTrak is a fit for everyone. It can be used by even a child or an adult.

Keeping You Motivated

Fitness is fun when you’re motivated to achieve your goals, appreciated when you attain it, and encourages you to set higher goals, right! KoreTrak does that all for you. Along with continual tracking and goal setting options, KoreTrak presents you with settings that can be modified accordingly to receive notifications that would help you in keeping yourself motivated. Daily fitness reports and appreciation notifications on completion of daily or weekly goals are just a few of many.

Adapts With Your Sports Choice

The advanced features of KoreTrak such as comfortable, durable, and pliable bands make it ideal for any sport. While you engage in heavy-duty sports or just a long brisk walk, these fitness bands can assist you anywhere you go. KoreTrak Fitness bands come with sweat and water-friendly casing; making it perfect to wear while sleeping, running, swimming, or even doing dishes. There is also the multi-color options to choose from where users can swap out the black wristband for blue, orange and white colors.

Marketing By Kevin’s Report on the effectiveness of KoreTrak

KoreHealth Fitness Company with KoreTrak comprehensively covers all the pain points that any fitness enthusiast would demand in a fitness tracker. Additionally, placing the features of a smartwatch makes it quite an attractive choice over other fitness bands in the market.

Outperforming its competitions such as Fitbit, Fossil, Apple, and Samsung in terms of a number of features, KoreTrak also places itself at quite a tempting price tag.

With a pretty satisfactory performance report, Andrew forced upon on three major long-term benefits of KoreTrak:

  • Money-back guarantee: The users get a chance to test the efficacy of the product by using the product for 30 days. The return policies are hassle-free.
  • Lifetime Protection Offer: KoreTrak comes with a lifetime protection warranty with a replacement for only $19.98.
  • Improved Durability: With an IP67 rating, the band is reasonably water-resistant and is a great PRO at such price range.

Where to buy KoreTrak?

KoreTrak fitness band is currently priced at $50 per unit. However, the original price of the product was $76.85.

You can purchase it from their official website, KoreTrak.com.

Moreover, if you’re thinking of buying multiple bands for your friends and family, you can be eligible for higher discounts. As per the website, you can purchase three KoreTrak fitness bands at $112.39 only.

KoreTrak Review: Final Verdict

With the global pandemic, we all have understood the importance of being fit and keeping our body healthy to fight viruses and bacterias that can’t be cured. It can only be achieved through keeping ourselves fit so that we can fight with such incurable pandemics.

In current times, relying on an advanced, smart, intuitive smart watch tool can keep you motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and stay on path by crushing goals and monitoring progress for that ultimate sense of accomplishment.

In conclusion, Andrew states “KoreTrak with all its features and functionalities fulfill all the desires any fitness enthusiast might have from a fitness band. It’s a must buy with such affordable offers on it.”

For more updates and vital health and wellness product information regarding pricing and even possible discounts, visit KoreTrak’s official website today to see why the KoreHealth Smart Body Tracker is leading the industry as the most affordable option for fitness monitoring activity bands under $100 this year.

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