Frequently asked questions

Your press release can include company images, embedded videos, graphics or other advertisements, logos, up to 5 links and even iframes.

Yes, we provide a doFollow link and the link on our site is permanent. Our editors can add keywords, tags and targeted anchor text in the urls and links to make them easier to find and also rank in search engines, if needed.

Avoid press release distribution sites that use NoFollow links to link to your website. A lot of the press release sites use nofollow links, make sure they allow doFollow links to help improve your seo when you distribute your press release.

Any online company. Publish a press release for any of the following

  • Event Press Release
  • Book Launch Press Release
  • New product launch Press Release
  • New Service Offering Press Release
  • Launch of new website Press Release
  • Launch of new company or startup Press Release
  • New contract with client Press Release
  • Putting out financial or earnings statements for the quarter (required for publicly all traded companies)
  • Sale or promotions Press Release
  • Participation in local events
  • Strategic partnerships with other companies
  • Acquisitions or sales Press Release
  • Free ebook or whitepapers
  • Workshops Press Release
  • Open-houses or Real Estate Events Press Release
  • Speaking engagement Press Release
  • Donation to a charity Press Release
  • Any other type of news announcement.

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Yes, we provide a concierge service and take care of everything for you. An expert member of team will proofread and correct your press release of any spelling and/or grammatical error then format the press release for you before it’s published.

Some of the network providers will only display the press release for about 30 days or so, and some of the press releases will be taken offline as future news is published, however several of the links are permanent doFollow links.

Wire Access Pro helps you build quality backlinks and inbound links from our personal network of sites with doFollow links to your website. Alot of websites online do not provide doFollow links back to your website.

Wire Access Pro offers several other services, monthly seo services, graphic design, ad design, conversion optimization, press release writing & general copywriting services. We provide copywriting services for all media types including websites, brochures, press releases, direct mail and more. Our team is available 24 hours a day and responds very quickly. 

We can quickly provide map citation listings and business listings on major websites, one of the most important assets to grow a websites presence and increase your credibility online and in major search engines. These are essential for any online business looking to rank locally, by their geographic location, in search engine results.

Yes, it can be harmful for your seo efforts if you submit too many press releases and link them to the same website. If you plan to submit alot of press releases each month for the same company, then we recommend to variate the urls that you include the press releases.

We determine what content we will accept and distribute through our network, at our sole discretion.

We do not allow distribution of any press releases that contain any of the following content;

• Derogatory statements about other companies.

• Alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another company or person.

• False or misleading claims on any other party or any other party’s products or services.

• Threats, or press releases containing content that threatens any other party with litigation.

• Anything containing radical political opinion/view.

• Anything at all that contains illegal content; and/or promotes illegal content or promotes illegal behavior of any kind.

• Politics.

• Weapons.

• Alcohol.

• Illegal Drugs.

• Cosmetic procedures.

• Payday Loans.

• Tobacco.

• Dating or Adult Related.

• Unauthorized stock ticker symbols.

Yes, we have other options available for cryptocurrency press release distribution, legal newswire distribution options and we can also provide monthly guest posting and outreach services. 

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